I first became interested in voice work many years ago while studying Communication (mostly radio) in college. 

I have had the opportunity to complete several voice projects over the years as well as similar roles (see Experience), so that love of verbal communication has stayed with me.

I am from the Midwest and that straightforward, yet easy-going style is reflected in the work that I do. I love bringing energy, dynamics and passion to what I do. 

I also like being flexible. Depending on the project, I can be fun, serious, inspirational, energetic or all of them! 

Check out the samples on my home page and you'll quickly see what I mean. 

About Me

​Michael Hanko


  • Over 75 Audiobooks
  • 100+ business simulations, videos and presentations
  • Training and Development
  • ​I have coached over 50 fellow vocal talents as well! 



You can locate me on several different websites:

  • Voices.com
  • ACX.com
  • Findawayvoices.com
  • Deyanaudio.com

I am very open to performing and producing:

  • Narrations
  • Audiobooks
  • Advertising/Commercial pieces
  • Inspirational/Christian themed work
  • Medical narratives
  • Fiction
  • ​Elearning/Instructional projects

Please be aware that views, themes and language expressed in the work/projects performed are not a reflection of my own personal beliefs in all cases. 

I have narrated and produced over 50 audiobooks. These are some of my most successful titles:

Narcissist and the Wendy Complex: The Women Who Are Attracted to the Narcissistic 'Peter Pan' (Transcend Mediocrity Book 93) - J.B. Snow


Happy Puppy Box Set: Puppy Care, Puppy Training, Dog Food Recipes & Essential Oils for Dogs - Charles Nelson and Jennifer Smith

Unleash The Alpha: 20 Declarations To Be a Real Man and Dominate Life (Alpha Male, Self Help, Self Improvement, Dominant Male) (Volume 1) - Robert Daudish


Listening: Learn to Really Listen and Develop Active Listening Skills - Christian Olsen


Humane Vitae: Encyclical Letter of Pope Paul Vi

Jayhawkers: The Civil War Brigade of James Henry Lane - Bryce Benedict

​Redemptor Hominis: John Paul II Supreme Pontiff Encyclical Letter - Pope John Paul II

Pascendi Dominici Gregis: Encyclical of Pope Pius X On The Doctrines Of The Modernists - Pope Pius X

Sailing into History: Great Lakes Bulk Carriers of the Twentieth Century and the Crews Who Sailed Them - Frank Boles 

​In or Out: A Practical Guide to Decision Making - A. I. Shoukry